Home Invasion Statistics

Home Invasion Statistics – Be Aware! Below you will find some pretty alarming statistics.  It is NOT our intention to scare you, but rather to arm you with information, which will help you when considering and alarm system for your home.  Being in a great neighborhood does not exempt you from being robbed.  In fact,

Common Myths about Burglar Alarms

Alarm Facts   There are many misconceptions that people have about alarm systems.  Let’s review a few and thanks to the Stockton Police department for compiling these facts! Common Myths About Burglar Alarms An alarm system is burglarproof. False.  Nothing is burglarproof. Alarm Systems work more as a deterrent, but if a burglar wants to

Fire Alarm Systems

Rendin Alarm Company proudly represents The Honeywell Company and its quality products.  Among our services is Commercial Fire Protection and Alarm Systems.  The following is from Honeywell’s Vendor Support Site.  We hope you find it interesting! Honeywell Launches New Series of Silent Knight Fire Alarm Control Panels The new Silent Knight 6000 Series includes four

Away on Vacation?

Are you Going Away on Vacation? That’s awesome!  You deserved it.  You worked hard for it!  And the last thing you need is to come home to a house that has been robbed!  So now that vacation season is coming, we at Rendin Alarm Company want to dispense our annual advice! There are many things,