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Have Visual Access to Your Home from Any Smart Device!

Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology protects your property while you are away from your home. Furthermore, it allows you to perform a myriad of home control tasks. You can monitor by video the inside and outside of your home. You can incorporate your system with items such as video doorbells with audio. Turn on/off lights, HVAC and appliances. In addition you can lock/unlock doors and open /close electric garage doors.

With Rendin Alarm’s Central Monitoring, you can be notified of a breech, see it live and notify the Police or Fire Companies. And speaking of fire, you can tie into your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors from your smart device as well.

Now your security, video, and home automation services can all connect through one easy-to-use app. No need for multiple apps to manage your smart home. One app. Now that’s smart.

Summary of Services

Mobile Control: Arm and disarm your system anytime, anywhere from our web-connected smartphone.
Mobile Notifications: System alerts you when the kids come home and of any alarm activity while you’re away.
Geo-Services: Forget to arm your system? Set your system to remind you based on location.
Video: See what happens at your home 24/7 with indoor, outdoor and HD video doorbell options.
Wireless + Cellular: System is wireless and sends alarm signals through Digital Cellular Communication.
Automation Ready: Supports smart home automation including lights, entry doors, garage doors, thermostats and more.

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