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Most Burglaries Happen in the Summer During the Day!

When we think of a burglar, most of us think of a man in all black clothing sneaking into our house at the dead of night. Decades of movies have built up this image of a burglar: a man in a ski cap, sneaking into your house with through a window. This image, however, is not accurate. Most burglars use the front door. It might surprise you that most burglaries do not happen when you would expect them to: many are in the summer during the day! Now that you know how burglars break in, let’s look at when they break in. We’ve gathered some facts about when burglaries most commonly occur, so you can make sure you’re protected and that your home security is ready!

Don’t Let Your Mail Pile Up!

Summer is a care-free time. Shoes come off, windows fly open and vacation days are taken. As we finally relax, we often let our guards down. July and August are the months with the most break-ins. Knowing this, make sure you take steps to protect your home when you’re away during the summer- whether it’s for the afternoon or the month. With the hot weather, windows may accidentally be left open. Now that the garden is growing and your in and out of your shed more often, it may not be locked as it once was. Often your house may be empty, as you and your family are away on vacation. When you leave your home, always make sure that all doors and windows are closed and locked, including any outbuildings like a shed in your yard. Make sure you only have your garage door open when you’re out front. Never leave the door open. This is an easy access point for potential burglars!

Keep your yard well maintained and put away any toys or tools that may be lying about. A unkempt yard is a good sign that your home may be vacant. If you’re leaving town, ask a neighbor to mind your yard, and clear away any advertisements, papers or leaflets at your door. It’s also a good idea to ask them to occasionally move their car to your driveway! This way your house looks occupied. In addition, make sure the ringer on your land line telephone is set to low and that you place a hold on your mail. You can do that by clicking HERE.

Broad Daylight Burglaries

65% of burglaries occur between 6am and 6pm.  Most burglars do not want to risk encountering someone so they will try your home when you’re most likely to be at work. The most common hours for a burglary to occur are between 10am-3pm. Common misconceptions about break-ins aid the burglar. Your neighbors may not think twice about workmen coming and going from your house in the early afternoon. Having a relationship with your neighbors will help them keep a closer eye on your home. If you’re friendly, they will know that you’re not moving and it will catch their eye if large pieces are being taken from your home. Strike up conversations with your neighbors whenever you can. An extra pair of eyes can always help!

Often a day-time burglar will knock on your door posing as a salesman to see if anyone is home, and- if they can get inside- see where your valuables are kept. Make sure to keep yourself safe in this situation. You do not need to open the door to them, but if you decide to, make sure to not let them inside your home.

Whether you’re away for the day or a week, make sure to take these few steps to keep your home as an undesirable target for a burglar. A home security system is a great extra layer of protection to make sure your home is guarded while you are away. You can arm your alarm system when you are away on vacation or at work- and you can even set it with people still in your home. And if you employ Total Connect Smart Home Technology, you can keep your home safe and secure this summer.

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