It happened in broad daylight! Daytime Burglaries.

Did you Know that most burglaries are daytime burglaries and occur between 10am and 3pm?

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Typically people are away from their homes at this time.  Weekdays especially.  Home occupants are typically either at work or at school during this time.  You may think it’s brazen, but it is actually easier in many cases for a burglar.  Very often they live nearby and know the area’s traffic patterns, home owners’ tendencies and who is going where and when.

The Stats

Each year, there are over 2.2 million burglaries in the US, which means that every 15 seconds, a burglary is committed. Home burglaries account for 70% of these crimes and typically spike during the summer months (July and August have the highest number of home burglaries). The majority of burglaries don’t involve violence or the use of a weapon, but victims can still feel traumatized for months after a break-in, not only for the loss of their property but the uneasy feeling that a criminal was in their home and the fear that he or she may return. Most “burglars” just want to break into your home, find something of value and get out as quickly as they can. In fact, the timeframe within which a burglary is committed is between 90 seconds and 12 minutes, according to the FBI! But the typical commission time is between 8 and 10 minutes.

The average dollar loss from a burglary in the United States is just over $2,000, and the most common items stolen include cash, jewelry, guns, drugs and small electronics (such as I-pads, smart phones, I-pods, etc.). These items can be carried away easily, immediately used by the criminal and/or fenced to another criminal or to a pawn shop; hence, their attractiveness to the bad guy. Because most burglaries are not witnessed and many burglars don’t leave behind fingerprints or other physical evidence, the average arrest rate for burglaries in the United States is only 13%. This means that if your home is broken into, the chances of recovering your stolen possessions or of the perpetrator doing time for the breakin are small.

Beware thy Neighbor!

The typical burglar lives within 2 miles of the victim, and, in fact may know the victim. This is one more reason to be careful about whom you let into your house.  Strangers who ask to use your bathroom or phone could be looking for valuable or casing your property for layout, alarms and dogs. Be mindful of questions you may be asked such as where do you work, do you have kids at home, do you have any pets, etc.  These could be innocent, but could also be part of a plan. Most burglars are male and are under 25 years of age (usually mid to late teens).  Most use ordinary household tools to break into a home including, screwdrivers, channel-lock pliers, small pry bars and hammers. Many times, they just use brute force to go through a door or window.

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