Here at Rendin Alarm We’re often asked about best practices for when to use heat detectors vs smoke detectors. Both types of detectors can detect a fire, but these products are designed to serve different needs. Heat Detectors vs Smoke Detectors In a nutshell, here’s the difference between heat detectors and smoke detectors: Heat detectors are

New Year – Safe Year

Resolve to be safer in 2019! Happy New Year from Rendin Alarm Company! We wish you a safe, healthy and prosperous 2019! We all make resolutions at New Years. Many are for healthy changes, such as weight loss and exercises. Also, work and financial achievements are common. Furthermore, we resolve to travel more, spend more

Have a SAFE Holiday!

Happy Holidays from Rendin Alarm! “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure!” The Holidays are a joyous season for many and people who celebrate and those who don’t all take advantage of the Holiday shopping bargains!  But during the Holidays, the thieves are having a joyous season as well. Holiday Home Burglaries are on the

Protect you Family Property and Assets with Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance Cameras Today’s surveillance cameras’ technologies makes it easier than ever to keep an eye on your most valuable assets.  Whether you need to protect your Family, Employees, Merchandise, Equipment, Facilities or Land, Digital Surveillance Cameras are the ultimate tool.  Rendin Alarm Company in Morton, PA installs, maintains digital surveillance cameras and provides the monitoring

Commercial Alarm Systems

Commercial Alarm Systems to Protect Your Business Rendin Alarm Company in Morton, PA is your trusted source for Residential Alarm Systems, but we are also your trusted source for Commercial Alarm Systems.  As a business owner, your employees are your most valuable assets, but your building needs to be protected from fire and theft.  Your

Home Invasion Statistics

Home Invasion Statistics – Be Aware! Below you will find some pretty alarming statistics.  It is NOT our intention to scare you, but rather to arm you with information, which will help you when considering and alarm system for your home.  Being in a great neighborhood does not exempt you from being robbed.  In fact,