Where to Position Smoke Detectors in Your Home

Position Smoke Detectors in Your Home The proper positioning of smoke alarms may be dictated by your local building code, but there are also standard recommendations from the National Fire Protection Association. These recommendations are the basis for many local code requirements: Install smoke alarms inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area and on every level

Protect Your Home

Most Burglaries Happen in the Summer During the Day! When we think of a burglar, most of us think of a man in all black clothing sneaking into our house at the dead of night. Decades of movies have built up this image of a burglar: a man in a ski cap, sneaking into your

Monitor Your Home from Anywhere

Smart Home Technology Smart Home Technology protects your property while you are away from your home. Furthermore, it allows you to perform a myriad of home control tasks. You can monitor by video the inside and outside of your home. You can incorporate your system with items such as video doorbells with audio. Turn on/off

The Ring Doorbell

Monitor Your Home From Anywhere By now you have heard of the Ring Doorbell. Let Rendin Alarm Company help you choose which model makes the most sense for your property. Furthermore, allow us to install it for you! In addition to the install, we can give you a FREE assessment of your property’s overall security

Ring Doorbell

Let Rendin Alarm Company Install your Ring Doorbell! Lots of folks are getting the Ring Doorbell to protect their home. But not everyone has the skills , time or inclination to install one! Rendin Alarm Company in Morton PA has a crew of expert installers who can install your Ring Doorbell properly and guide you

Smart Home for Summer

Security systems used to have one job. Today, they’re one of the most versatile and useful technologies in the modern home.  A modern security system now comes with cloud intelligence, machine learning, app-controlled automation and an array of fully integrated, connected devices. Not only is it even better at stopping burglars, it’s also the center of the automated,

Security Systems for Businesses

Security Systems for your Business by Honeywell Your Employees are your greatest asset and their safety is your biggest priority. In addition, protecting your physical assets is critical to your profitability. Inventory, Equipment and Supplies will all be better protected with a security system with integrated cameras, point of entry measures and motion sensors. Add

Having Teenagers & Security

What are your teenagers up to? It’s nice when your kids are teenagers and married couples can go out on a date and leave them at home. But what are they up to? Are they having a party? Inviting friends over without permission? Sneaking out for a while? Leaving doors unlocked? With Total Connect you

Alarm Company Near Me

Choosing an Alarm Company for a home alarm system is a good option for home security because it provides superior theft deterrence. You need to understand the types of security alarm systems available and exactly how they will improve your home security. It’s as important to choose the right Alarm Company as it is to