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Independent Living for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Safety for Loved Ones in Independent Living

Do you need to stay more connected to a parent or family member who enjoys Independent Living? Wellcam™, is for you. It’s a new way to stay closer to your loved one and ensure that they’re safe and well. 

Gen X-ers—are very busy in general. They are always active. It’s work, family, and sleep when you can. Although you may live just an hour away, work and family commitments could mean that you can’t visit loved ones as often as you would like. Wellcam helps to bridge the gap.

As an extension of your own home security system, Wellcam connects directly to your Smart Home app. It’s easy to quickly check in with Family Members, say hello, and see that everything is okay—or to “visit” for a longer conversation when time allows.

The app is very easy to use. You just pop it up, click and say hello—and they talk back. You get to visit a lot more than you may be able to traditionally.

Wellcam has several advantages over a phone. The call-out button connects Loved Ones directly to your smartphone—no dialing required—for a clear, hands-free conversation via Wellcam’s two-way speaker. With a phone, elderly users can’t hear as well. But with our app, tit’s almost like you are in the same room.

It can be hard to stop what you’re doing and make a phone call. You might spend 15 or 20 minutes tied up on the phone. But with this, it’s a quick two or three-minute ‘hello’ and you’re going about your day.

Make a Difference

As well as keeping your family more connected, Wellcam helps ensure that Your Loved Ones who are enjoying Independent Living are safe and well. Alongside the Wellcam you can install a broader Wellness solution, which intelligently monitors activity using Wellcam’s motion detector and other sensors.

It’s an evolution of home security technology. It learns what’s normal, and when something abnormal occurs, it notifies someone who cares so that they can get in front of it. Maybe someone is getting up in the night more than normal. Thatt could be a sign that they’re getting sick, or not taking their meds properly. In addition,The system picks up on that, and alerts you, prior to it becoming an emergency room call.

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