Security Systems for Restaurants

Security Systems for Restaurants: Keep Your Business Safe

In the foodservice industry, the top priority is the safety of employees and customers. Restaurant security systems and safety procedures are essential to making sure employees can come and go safely while customers enjoy their time in your business. While alcohol sales and late hours bring more profits, they also make businesses more vulnerable. The quick serve segment is especially close to violent crime, making it all the more important that franchises and chains institute safety programs. Locally owned establishments also benefit from taking security precautions.

But with so many different options at your disposal, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of information. To keep it simple, these restaurant security tips are a great place to start on your search for a fool-proof system.

Plan for Deterrence and Response

Security Systems for Restaurants: Protect your Staff, Guests and Assets.

Of course, the best way to maintain a safe establishment is to prevent crimes from happening in the first place. But sometimes even the most rigid preventative measures can’t stop erratic behavior and crime, so it’s important to have a response plan.

  • Deterrence – Sometimes called the “threat of consequences,” deterrence means that it’s difficult or inconvenient for someone to get away with a crime. It makes potential criminals think twice before they act and is usually enough to keep most of your customers and employees on good behavior.
  • Response – In the event your business, employees, or customers are victimized by a crime, working together with police is the fastest and most reliable way to see justice is served. For less urgent safety threats, a response can cover anything from having a bouncer remove a belligerent customer to reviewing surveillance camera footage.

By practicing both deterrence and response, your business will be well equipped to handle virtually any criminal situation either by keeping people safe or ensuring guilty parties are brought to justice. And enacting these principles is surprisingly easy — you just have to do your research on security systems and security personnel.

Set Up Restaurant Security Systems

Use modern technology to your advantage by investing in Security Systems for Restaurants that will react to, deter, and even record crimes or other incidents in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

  • Alarm Systems – A good old-fashioned alarm bell is still an effective method of scaring off crooks. Many security systems these days can also be hooked up to a telephone line that can alert both you and the authorities in a matter of seconds rather than relying on neighbors to call 911. Even if crime isn’t a huge concern for you, accidents can happen to anyone. For example, if someone leaves the deep fryer turned on overnight, you’ll want a smoke detector that can call the fire department right away so that damage is minimized.
  • Audio and Video Surveillance – Positioning restaurant surveillance systems with microphones in discrete locations throughout the premises makes it easy for you to keep an eye (and an ear) on problem customers while also maintaining an accurate record of the evening’s events. This can especially come in handy during worst-case scenarios, like fist fights and other violence, but restaurant security cameras are most often used as a deterrent. Making it clear that someone is on film — or even placing a dummy camera in an obvious location — is a great way to make them reconsider their actions.
  • Proper Lighting – In addition to surveillance, it’s important to keep your business’s interior and parking lot illuminated at all hours of the day. Vandalism and other crimes are far less likely to occur in a well-lit area. The cost of electricity is well worth the peace of mind you give to your customers and employees, not to mention the value that safety contributes to your reputation. It’s also smart to wire your interior lights to motion-sensitive switches that turn on when someone enters a room. This deters wrongdoers from going through with whatever they may have had in mind and can even prevent your staff from being injured or tripping over something that wouldn’t be visible in poor light.

In the event that your restaurant does fall victim to crime, surveillance footage becomes invaluable. And motion-sensor lighting can discourage crime in the first place.


Internal Threats

Employees — present or past — have the potential to become intelligent criminals. While the vast majority of workers are not criminally inclined, making off with cash from the register or pulling off an elaborate scheme becomes significantly easier when someone knows your security systems inside and out.This makes it all the more important that your employees are loyal. It is also part of the reason why it’s so critical to listen to disagreements and other issues your employees may have while they’re working. By keeping them on your side, you effectively minimize the possibility that they’ll exploit what they know about your business.

In the event a disgruntled employee does take action, your other security measures (including cameras, audio surveillance, and staff) should be enough to keep your business safe. If those precautions fail, having a few extra security systems that only you know about can be a great help in making sure an upset worker doesn’t become a major hindrance. Other possibilities include changing the combination on your vault or safe on a regular basis and periodically checking up with employees to gauge morale. Keeping all of your players on your team is critical — especially when the outcome could damage your livelihood.

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