Restaurants Resolve to be Safer in 2018 – Video Surveillance Systems

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Restaurants Resolve to be Safer in 2018 – Video Surveillance Systems

Theft is a huge problem in the business world.  And sadly, a large percentage of theft in the workplace comes from those you depend on – your employees.  Warehouse inventory vanishes, computers, ink & paper, artwork and even toiletries are taken on a regular basis.

One of the biggest industries by far to be robbed by its employees is the Restaurant Industry.  And there are MANY layers of theft that could be eliminated by the presence of surveillance cameras.  When employees know they are being watched, they are extremely unlikely to steal anything.  And not just stealing, but goofing off, smoking, drinking, etc are all behaviors, which can be curtailed by the presence of surveillance cameras.

Below are some examples of types of theft in the Restaurant Industry, which can be eliminated by the presence of surveillance cameras:

  • Giving away of free product in exchange for tips
  • Employees drinking while on duty
  • Kitchen Staff giving away free food to friends of staffers
  • Theft of food products from refrigerators and dry storage
  • Theft of Liquor and Beer from storage areas
  • Employees Clocking out fellow employees long after they have left (Theft of Payroll)
  • Staff taking excessive breaks while on the clock
  • Removing cash from the registers
  • Ringing “No Sale” for an item and removing the cash received from the till later
  • improper ringing of items

Poor Business Practices can lead to lost Revenue

In addition to intentional theft, surveillance cameras may be used as an effective training tool, which may help eliminate loss of revenue.  You may notice certain types of employee behavior that can cause a guest to never return.  And you can do it from the back office or from your home.  With the proper remote access, you can observe your staff from anywhere with a smartphone, desktop or laptop!  Here’s a few examples of how surveillance may be effective for staff training:

  • Did the Server greet the guests in a timely fashion?
  • Were they taking a smoke break when they should be in their section?
  • Did the food come out in a timely fashion?
  • Was the table cleared during the dining experience?
  • Was the food properly prepared?
  • Were the bartenders talking to friends and neglecting other Guests?
  • Were the servers neat, presentable and in uniform?
  • Were the staffers drinking in front of guests?

These are just a few ways you can help eliminate theft and loss of revenue with a video surveillance.  Many establishments see such a dramatic reduction in theft, that the systems literally pay for themselves in a very short period of time!  Call Rendin Alarm TODAY at (610) 544-5755 to see if a surveillance system can help your business decrease or even eliminate theft!  Or visit us at