Stormy Weather Season is Beautiful Weather for Burglars

Cellular Alarm Systems a Solution During Outages

Sometimes during burglaries or home invasions, an intruder will cut the phone line to prevent the alarm system from reaching the monitoring center. The lines can also be cut accidentally during construction work.   Evening thunderstorms are also a good time for burglars to break into a home.  When there are power outages, alarm systems may be disabled.  And more brazen thieves can work while homeowners are at home under the cover of thunder. Two common ways to get around this problem are cellular backup systems and wireless broadband systems.

In many cases, modern home security systems come equipped with cellular backup.  This is a system that routes the signal wirelessly using the same technology as cellphones—no landline required.Cellular monitoring is a game-changer. It eliminates one of the greatest vulnerabilities of traditional home security systems: the fact that the physical line between the alarm and the monitoring station is vulnerable to breaks. Having the cellular backup option means that if the primary connection goes out, you still have a lifeline.There are two types of cellular monitoring systems: direct and indirect. Direct systems send their signal straight to the alarm company’s central monitoring station, while indirect systems route the signal to a third-party monitoring station. Some people may prefer the direct method because it has fewer variables involved, but either method gets the job done.

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