Save Money on Homeowners Insurance

Save Money on Homeowners Insurance with a Monitored Alarm System Homeowners insurance, according to a Federal Reserve Board estimate, costs between $300 to $1,000 annually. Assuming an average cost of $650, a 10 percent discount on your homeowners insurance for a monitored alarm system saves you $65 each year.  If your Homeowners Insurance costs more that that, your saving will be even greater. When

Holiday Home Burglaries

Holiday Home Theft Happy Holidays from Rendin Alarm Company! “One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure!” The Holidays are a joyous season for many and people who celebrate and those who don’t all take advantage of the Holiday shopping bargains!  But during the Holidays, the thieves are having a joyous season as well. Holiday Home

Security Systems for Restaurants

Security Systems for Restaurants: Keep Your Business Safe In the foodservice industry, the top priority is the safety of employees and customers. Restaurant security systems and safety procedures are essential to making sure employees can come and go safely while customers enjoy their time in your business. While alcohol sales and late hours bring more

Total Connect Remote Alarm Access

Remote Alarm Access Now more than ever, safety and security are issues in all our lives.  There is virtual theft, like what we saw last week at Equifax and then there is the old standard – theft of property.  The intellectual theft is born from today’s technology.  The World Wide Web has forever changed the

Video Doorbell

The doorbell: Then and now The ring of a doorbell. For previous generations, this was a welcome sound, notifying homeowners that someone had come to call. Unexpected guests were welcomed with a smile, and often invited in for food, refreshments or just to visit. Today, it’s a different story. The doorbell is an interruption, and